Live YOUR Life

When we are living active, often we must compete against others to gain experience. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. Losing in a game or activity is not the same as losing in life. Not coming out on top in that particular event does not mean that you did not get better (bigger, stronger, faster, and smarter). That real challenge or competition is against yourself. Do you have it in you to compete and win against yourself? Say YES! Someone beats you in a race for example…so what, the next time you race, your goal is to do better than YOU did last time, not beat someone else. Maybe I could only do one push up and my best friend did ten. It is not about your best friend, it is about you. Your goal is not to do ten push ups next time, your goal is to do two push ups, maybe three or four the next time. If you can accomplish this you are making yourself a champion, a success, a winner, a fighter, you are making yourself better now than you have ever been. This is our goal!

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