Bigger, stronger, faster, smarter…your choice

Making yourself a better person each day is your choice. Choose wisely. Wildcat Country is very proud of the effort and determination that has occurred in the last two weeks. We have broken our Popsicle lap record seven times! This is a perfect example of what goals can do to your mind and body.

Wildcats, you make your teachers proud! This weekend, remember the tips we talked about in Living Active.

Abs, push ups, rocket blasters, and stretch during commercials. Watching TV or playing video games is OK….IF you live active!!!!!


Turkey Trot 2012 – First Annual

From 3:10 to 3:25 students ran around the perimeter of the soccer field getting some great cardiorespiratory endurance exercise in. As a Wildcat group we ran 1, 084 laps total in fifteen minutes. That translates to 197.1 miles total. That would be like running from Caldwell, Idaho to Pendleton, Oregon in fifteen minutes…WOW

Living Active is a choice, make the right choice over Thanksgiving break.

Popsicle Run Winners

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Congratulations to Ms. Jacobs, Mrs. Peck, Mr. Thoeny, Mrs. Rennaker and Mr. Hackenberg’s classes! They are the Popsicle champs for the week. They earned twenty minutes of Living Active time while enjoying a Popsicle  Working hard and pushing yourself to new limits is a personal choice. Your parents, teachers, and friends can push you to do more and encourage you…but, it is up to you to get bigger, faster, stronger, and smarter everyday!

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