Spring Fitness Night

April 4th 6:00-7:30 PM. Washington Elementary School. 

We are looking forward to a big turnout! Wildcat Country has been living active healthy lifestyles this year and we are looking forward to another night of getting bigger, faster, stronger, and smarter! If you are interested in volunteering or have any questions email Mr. O’Brien!

Live active, stay active, and be healthy!



Stampede Steps it up

Washington and Sacajawea Elementary schools are two of the schools are the Treasure Valley participating in the Stampede Step it up event this year. The event consists of the Blue Cross of Idaho supplying fourth and fifth graders with activity log books and pedometers (step counters) to use during the month of March. The school that has the most combined steps with gets a gym/equipment makeover!


This is a wonderful program that motivates kids to move and stay active. The Stampede also will give two free tickets to each student that participates in the event! The kickoff assembly was a great experience and the Stampede Mascot, Rumble, was a hit!
stampede stampede1