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Health and Fitness Night Success

Wildcat Country’s first annual Health fair and second annual Fitness night was a success last week. Thank you to all the parents, community members, and staff members that volunteered their time to make this event possible. Living active is a choice we each make each day and it is great to be a part of a community that embraces healthy living! This Fitness night had some new sponsors and activities to engage more students. Fast Lane indoor go carts was passing out free races, Caldwell BMX was getting the word out to kids of all ages to come race, Caldwell wrestling (thanks to Adam Freeman) turned the library into a wrestling room showing students how to control their bodies, and was back to promote fitness on and off the sporting field.

Exercise is key to happy healthy living. Living active is not about running until to fall over, or doing push ups until you collapse. Living active is about finding a way to enjoy getting exercise and repeating it. Maybe it is a walk with your friends, maybe it is gripping the steeling wheel of a cart at 40 MPH, maybe it is shooting a foul shot, or stacking cups. Whatever it is, find something active that you like to do and do it often!

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Thanks again to all the Health fair sponsors and volunteers as well as the Fitness night sponsors and volunteers. Together we have the ability to make a change.  This community is working together to make quality changes to grow and develop the kids.

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