2 thoughts on “Boston Marathon letters of support

  1. Dear Mr. O’Brien,
    Thank you very, very much for allowing your students a positive way to understand and confront the tragedy that occurred yesterday during the Boston Marathon. By allowing your students to write down their thoughts on heart-shaped stationery, you gave those children a voice. With that voice they were able to let the world know that they, like the runners who competed in yesterday’s race, will not be deterred in their quest to get “bigger, stronger, faster, and smarter” through exercise and by living active. The notes they wrote to share with the Boston Marathon runners were heartfelt and moving.

    While many people chose to hide the events from children, you took a pro-active stance and gave your students an opportunity to face the reality of what occurred. You led the way for them to take an active role in letting the world know that they will not be frightened from taking part in life and that they will continue to live active, productive lives.

    When you read the note that my grandson wrote, it brought tears to my eyes. Your Living Active class is his favorite. You should be very proud of yourself and your students, Mr. O’Brien. Thank you for the outstanding work you are doing with these children.

    Pat D.

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