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If you are a coach you understand what people mean when they say something like, “winning is everything.” If you are not a coach, it is a safe bet to say you still have heard something about winning being the most important thing. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t.

I would like to suggest the following about winning: It is not a matter of the scoreboard, or the win column, or a stat sheet that is “everything.” The true measure of a win is the heart, the desire, the passion that is invested into the game, battle, workout, goal, etc. It is the feeling within the individual of maximum effort towards greatness. If we lead with our heart, we cannot lose.
Good old Wiki helps us understand winning as the act of obtaining something, as in a contest or by competition. To win means to defeat or conquer. These are accurate definitions, but somewhere along the line society has made winning a numbers game. There is no stat, rank system, or board that can measure your heart. You are the only person that can measure that.

I would like to suggest a new way to look at a win. In this way there is no room for a loser. There is only room for personal reflection. Which is more important than any win, by a “winning is everything” model. The new way is to see win as the acronym What’s Important Now. If we live in the moment, if we have desire to become better, if our heart is all in…we win. We are focused on the task at hand and fully involved in accomplishing our goal. The WIN.
Whether you are or have ever been a coach is irrelevant. The purpose of WIN is to incorporate everyday life. It is to help you reflect upon yourself, your choices, and where you are leading yourself in life. Focus on What’s Important Now and you will win. Lead with your heart, and you cannot lose.

So, What’s Important Now?

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