Short term

Made vs Make

You are a product of our surroundings. No doubt about it. IMHO, you have the ability to impact our surroundings just as much as they impact us. In order to get the most out of life you must make your surroundings work for you. In other words, make your life, do not be made by life.
Example: you are on the road traveling, it’s been a long day and you are tired. You are staying in a hotel and the beds are comfy, the cable and wireless internet are yours for the using, and the hotel fitness room makes ‘subpar’ look first class. What do you do?
Are you going to be made by your surroundings? Kick off your shoes, use every towel in the bathroom (one for your right arm, one for the left, two for the legs, three for the torso, couple of wash cloths for the under carriage), lay down, log into Facebook, crank up the newest tv show and call it a night…
Are you going to make your surroundings? Create a wild new workout in the fitness center. Run backward on the treadmill through the commercials and then jump-turn and increase incline (to face the tv) when your show comes back on. Move so fast between random sets that you think you might honk (throw up), and then walk outside to cool your body. Once you regain your composure find a door way and mix in some pull ups and abs before returning to the fitness palace. Just when you want to quit, rep out another 30 crunches stand up check yourself out (you’re earned it). As you shower up, you might think to yourself something like, ‘I feel good, I make this look good.’ You’re right, you do.
Rest up, tomorrow we make it even better.
People are made by their surroundings each day. People are made by things outside of their control, and it becomes easy to find external scapegoats for their lack of growth or success.
People, make the choice to make who they are. Make any hardship or challenge an opportunity for growth and development of your mind, body, and soul. Self improvement means making the surroundings you find yourself in yours to manipulate and utilize. Cause if you don’t, who will?
You make the difference.

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