Long term · reflection

A Tribute to my Godfather

This is life. Wiser men and women than myself have not been able to understand the mystery of it all and I think I would be wasting precious moments if I began pondering the mystical question myself. Instead, I will get to living. I fear if we don’t find reason to live, this life just might find a reason for us not to…
I was 26 years old when my godfather passed. Life did not dispose of him. He disposed of life. He lived each day to the fullest. He attacked life and pushed its limits, challenging everyone he touched to smile more, love more and become more. He will always be in our hearts and the strength that he carried and instilled in us lives on, more alive now than ever before.
My godfather made this world better. He was a man that believed in joy and happiness, and he showed that in his generosity, loving spirit, and undying will to make people feel welcome. He worked hard, played hard, and did so with only others in mind. Selfless acts consumed his heart and soul. His examples of what it was to be a man is filling my heart and tear ducts with love. With grease under his nails and the weight of a hard days work on his back he was always dreaming of how he could make your life better…not his own.
Whether at the racetrack, on the road, in a camper, around a fire or rocking in the chair looking through the ‘looking Glass’ his main concerns were the people surrounding him. Were they thirsty, hungry, happy, content, at peace, comfortable? If he had anything to do with it, they were taken care of.
Skip and Georgine were in the business of setting hearts to peace and business was good.
I write for the passing of a titan. I write to find hope. I write to remember today and forever more that we must lead by example. We must find time to make others happy. I write because I love my godfather and I will honor him forever more. I will honor what he stood for…Love, celebration of life, and a desire to never stop moving forward, wherever the road may go.
Who was Skip? Simply put…Someone Keeping It Positive

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