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Your desk is moving, are you?

Finding a common ground where we can all be held to the same standard can seem a bit overwhelming. There are so many individual factors that play a roll when we compare each other, that oftentimes it isn’t fair.

We all have ideals about life. Each of our perspectives is unique and important, so the question tearing me up inside is, “Where is the common ground?” I need to find a resolve.

For the moment I will muster my best answer. (I prequel my answer with ‘for the moment’ because I fear that I may stumble across a new more powerful answer and I don’t want to cross my future self. For if I am living the way that I should be, my future self is much stronger and wiser than I am now.) So the answer to my question is this: The common ground is activity. It is movement. We must live active lives. We must encourage and teach others to do the same.

Existence is vibration. For something to exist it literally must be moving. “What about a desk? That isn’t moving,” someone might say. At the atomic level, that desk is actually moving. The atoms that make up a desk are physically moving. Are you able to see this by looking at your seemingly still desk? No. But, all the same, those atoms are moving. Now then, back to my answer…movement is the common ground that we must embrace.

If you can motivate someone to move and be active you are making the world a better place. So start by creating ways to achieve that. Encourage movement in others. Instead of asking your buddies to meet you for drink, suggest playing a game of catch. Instead of making time for coffee with the girls, take a walk with them. Make movement your tool to shape the world in which we live. Make activity commonplace for all of us.

Living active is a choice–often a hard one–but it does something more powerful than anything else. It makes us stronger. Physically, mentally, and emotionally. You want proof? Oh, there is proof. I could rattle off stats to back me up until the cows come home. But I’m not sure it would help you believe me. Instead, I have an idea (call it a crazy one). Go for a walk, a jog, maybe even a run. Do something to get your heart rate up. Then look in the mirror and see if you find a smile. Believe me yet?

In short, and with the utmost respect, find a reason to exist. After all, moving is what existing is all about…just ask your desk.

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