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If, for just one day…

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone. I wish you the best of health in your mind, spirit, and your body. I encourage you to exercise, live active, and smile a lot.

Casey Martin was a PGA tour golfer and is currently the head coach of the University of Oregon’s golf team. When he played golf professionally, he had to ride in a cart because of a condition called Klippel–Trénaunay–Weber syndrome (KTS). Long story short, he basically has one good leg and one really bad leg.

Before I dive in, I am not writing today to try to make you feel guilty. (Even though I felt really guilty after I read what I’m about to share.) I write to inspire you. I write to invigorate your soul.

I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I do know that exercise is important. If you have the ability to exercise and you choose not to do so…(I will refrain from speaking my mind here) then, please read on. I know that exercise makes us smile. I want you to smile and be happy and fun to be around. So when I came across a question in a book I was reading today, I wanted to share it and hope that it may inspire someone the same way it did me.

The book I was reading is called Who’s Your Caddy. It is written by Rick Reilly. I came across a passage where Rick Reilly asked the above mentioned Casey Martin: “If, for just one day, you had two perfectly normal legs, what would you do?” This is what Casey said he would do…

“Oh, man,” he said, rubbing his hands together. “Ohhhh, mannn! OK. Wake up and play dunk hoops with my buddies. Then go throw the football around in the park. Then I’d go for a long, long run. Then I’d ride my bike up to the mountains and go skiing. Then I’d go dancing. Buddy, I love to dance. I’m a very good dancer. Ask anybody. I used to be able to get down. Oh, then I’d go workout. Do an aerobics class. Then, let’s see…”

Rick and I both felt guilty. Again, I do not share this with the intention of making anyone feel guilty. My aim is to help, not hurt.

Help yourself today, and by golly; gee whiz; gosh darn, if you can…GET UP AND MOVE!


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