motivation · reason

I woke up at 5:20 AM Eastern time. I got on a plane, and then another one, and now I’m home (3:00 PM Pacific Standard time). I could go to bed, I could lie down, I could rest up for the long week ahead…but here’s the thing, I know that is the easy way out…and that way will always be there. I choose defiance, I choose betterment, and I expect more from myself. It’s a choice each day, and I have great news for you…The choice is, and always has been yours…

Time to get outside and live active!

A few quotes from the video if you need an extra push 😉

The easy way out will always be there…

Luck is last dying wish of those who want to believe that winning can happen by accident.

Sweat, on the other hand, is for those who know it’s a choice.

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