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Stop Doing What You Are Currently Doing…kinda

Two reasons for posting this video:

Reason One: This quote, ‘give people your love, not your like’

Why: I have a joke with my buddies. I’ve been known to post a video or two on Facebook. Each time I do I inevitably get a text from one of my friends hinting that it won’t get any  ‘likes.’ I always reply, “My favorite posts are the ones that don’t get any ‘likes’ because then I know that someone saw it and went out of their way to not click the little thumbs up button.” Are those really my favorite posts? No, they aren’t, but I’m trying to spin a positive out of the situation.

Reason Two: It made me remember why I made this blog in the first place.

Why: was originally created as the blog for the Physical Education Class I taught. I changed the class name form PE to LivingActive. My reason was simple. I taught Elementary PE and the vast majority of kids didn’t know what PE meant. But, they knew how to live active, case in point, I changed the name to LivingActive.

I created because I knew that kids were going home and jumping on social media, regardless of age, and I wanted them to go home and exercise instead. So, I thought I would try to trick them into exercising. I thought that if I encouraged them to go home and check out they would be more inclined to get up, get outside, and move after visiting the website… It worked! I had kids talking about the blog, and about what they did the night before. “I made my whole family walk to the park with me.” “I played fetch with my dog and tried to race him to his ball.”

In short, take the time to watch this amazing video below…but after you watch it, shut down your phone, tablet, or computer and interact with this wonderful world. Live active my friends!

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