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Living Active with Mom

27 years of life slip away, we have come along way, and what else can I say, on this, my 27th Mother’s Day.

When learning to talk we all start with one, one word then another creating the sum. Our vocabulary shapes who we are, creates opportunity to take us far. But, what does the first word mean, or signify? Does it set us down a path with hopes to mystify?

I mean really, what was your first word? Dad, cat, rat, dog, toy, play, love, mom? Has that word been a focal point of your life, does it twist in your head with no end in sight? Who is to blame for our first slip of tongue? Who molded the lips and set up this one? We can blame the cosmos, a religion perhaps, but I think mine was whispered during naps. I can all but guarantee that my mom set my first word up for me. My first word has controlled my life, from my morning run to late at night. It steers my journey down a weaving and active road, from baseball to dancing it fits any mold. I can relate my word to many things in my life, but I have no proof that would really suffice. I wonder if my first word means anything at all, the word that steers my life to always have a ‘ball.’ Ball, that’s my word, short and sweet, playing catch and crawling now isn’t that neat? Ball was the word and boy have I had one, from dancing to running it sure has been fun!

I remember playing ball in the front yard with my mom. She would throw me pop-ups, grounders, and the fast-one. She would play and throw until her arm fell off, with only one rule to cut the game off. The rule was simple, three strikes you’re out, ball gets through the hedge 3 times, and she’s out. Back in the house and I’d wait until the next day, to try my chances with the ball we would play. I got really good, one of the best, she’d throw, I would catch and pass every test. But fatigue would set in and I would get lazy, bad hop through the hedge and I would go crazy! ‘No excuses’ she exclaimed with a cracked little smile, disappear into the house, but she’d be back in a while. That’s why she’s special; she never has quit, always back to help figure out life’s little tricks. That kind of passion spilled out into me and that’s why I try to be all I can be. Ball was the word that started my journey but fitness & activity keeps me yearning… for more from myself and the people I touch, to give all you got and never give up.


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