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I grew up every summer on Camano Island, Wa. Roughly 26 years ago I touched the water out in front of my family’s property for the first time (I was about two years old). To this day, that water makes me want to be active. I love that water…any water for that matter. Without diving into a philosophical reason for my love of water…the human body is comprised mostly of water.

To not love water, is a lot like not loving yourself. If there is one thing I love to do in the water it is wakeboarding. Wakeboarding has always been a release for me mentally and physically. The first time I tried wakeboarding is a memory I won’t soon forget. I had bought a new board and bindings (with hard earned lawn mowing money), and the guy at the ski shop gave us the basics on how to get up. I think he said something like, “Relax, let the boat do the work, and you will pop right up!” About $300 later we were out of the store and off to the beach. I strapped on my board, slid into the warm water, and waited for the rope to get tight as my ‘Jazz’ Bayliner Jet Boat idled away from shore, with Ma and Pa at the helm. Once the rope was tight I yelled, “Hit it!” About five seconds later with my Mom and Dad as witness, I was up and boardin’. Party on.

I still have my first wakeboard. A Hyperlite-Honeycomb-Drifter 136 that is hanging on my wall at our beach cabin. The decal on the board is a little kid looking to the horizon, with his little suitcase packed…As I reflect on that decal now, I remember how that board made me want to rule the world. What a little hellion. Guess some things don’t change much.

This past Labor Day I was home with my family on Camano Island. I was swimming, jet skiing, and boardin’ every chance I got. What’s crazy is, that I still felt the exact same way as I did when I was younger on that beach, or in that Livingston Bay water…untouchable.

There are three things I would like to explain when I use the word ‘untouchable’:

  1. I know how ignorant and silly it sounds to say
  2. That is truly is how I feel
  3. The ability to walk dangerously in a direction is seldom done but always remembered

This is a video we recorded with my phone and then I edited it that morning. I love living active and I trust you do to.

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