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A Living Active Poem

Hope you enjoy and/or relate…

The Written Poem:

A Living Active Poem

Existence is vibration,

and deep inside life

We find conscious meditation

A habit, a ritual, a voice of shorts

A way to interpret what our mind purports

We move forward, down the road though we don’t avow

Like a run-away train, no stopping it now

Place by place we come upon choice

This is the part where you’d better have voice

Make the decision or it will make you

Believe it now or later, guaranteed true

I speak because I exist, yup, I vibrate

With the hope that maybe you’ll want to migrate

Over here a little to see what I see

Where living active is the belief that I be

I’m not gonna push, cause I know you’ll push back

I’ll will let it all be, because I know one fact

You want more from life and you are looking about

For someone to tell you the answer in a shout

That may happen and it may not,

But here is another choice you have got

Wake up tomorrow and smile at yourself

Eat a good meal and believe in your health

Here’s to living active and smiling.

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