Guest Blog Post by Alex O’Brien “Content is King Breakdown”

Lynn Burrows and I have become friends in the past month. We have a passion for teaching and I’m very honored to be a part of her blog. The future is looking bright!


Content is King  (or Queen)!

Content is King Breakdown

Content is King. What the heck does that mean?

Let me explain it this way: When educators are teaching, their goal is for their students to remember what it was they taught them. In other words, they want them to remember the content of the lesson. They want them to remember that content long after they leave school.

Teaching with the mantra that Content is King is similar to brushing your teeth to prevent cavities. If I teach you to brush your teeth I know that I’m helping you prevent cavities. But, if I tell you why I am teaching you to brush your teeth by telling you that it prevents cavities, and having to go to the dentist, and having a shot of Novocain, and having a dentist drilling into your tooth…well, then I am teaching you content. I am giving you information (content) and…

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