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Moving…the stages

I’ve met people that have moved in one year more times than cats have lives. I have also met people that were born in the living room of the dwelling in which they currently reside. I find myself somewhere in the middle (I’ve moved about eight times in my life). If I have learned anything from moving, it is that moving is a wild little ride. I make this statement from my own experience and one that I have a great perspective on. You see, as I write this I’m sitting in the DOL change my address. I know it can all be done online, but my internet provider has yet to get me connected at my new place. I suppose I could go to Starbucks, the library, or work…but call me old-fashioned, I just want to interact with a human, and know it’s done right. So, I sit here in this sorry excuse for a chair in a room full of impatient people and think about what makes moving such a wild little ride. I’ve condensed it into five major pieces. They are as follows:

1. Packing. Packing the stuff from the old place and getting it ready to move into the new one in one clean sweep.

2. Planning. Getting the trucks, trailers, and friends, to physically move your things to the new residence.

3. Timing. Timing is crucial. Timing the packing, the check out, the walk through, the loading, the moving, the coffee and crueler break that your friends deserve for helping you, the boys unpacking, change of address so your Dollar Shave Club razors are waiting for you at your new place…the list goes on.

4. Unpacking. Although the trucks, trailers, and friends have cruised into the sunset, the boxes and stuff still remain. Unpacking and seeing/remembering what you have is the next piece to this dynamic puzzle.

5. Address change. Finally, there’s a change of address that takes place by visiting or logging on to the various sites that send you things (most of which you wish they’d not send you in the first place) via mail. Even if you are paperless, they still have to have your address. I can only assume they need your address in case they want to come over for dinner one night.

6. Stage and settle. Lastly, is the staging and placing of your things in the new house. Your home is your place of peace and where you go to not lose all your marbles. Be careful not to stress too much about staging and making every doily and silverware drawer perfect. After all, if the past is a indication of the future, you’ll be doing this all over again sooner than you may think.

So, there it is. That is the five major pieces of the moving process. Hold on, and stay calm, you’ll make it through and be better for it. Wait…I described six major pieces…well shoot. Like I said, moving is a wild little ride. Buckle up and keep smiling. I’d love to tell ya more but, they just called my number.

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