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Birthday Gift that Keeps Giving


This week, one of my good friends had a birthday. I drove to pick him up and take him to dinner. It was a birthday like any other, except for one thing…the present I got him. I’ll get to the present in a moment. First, I want to make sure you understand my belief. My belief is that people who are active together, smile together. I like smiling a lot. So, for his birthday he received the following from me:

  • A pack of Watermelon Bubblicious
  • A rubber snake
  • A candy necklace
  • A card with a Chiwawa on the front

Even though that may sound like a weird lineup of birthday presents, none of those things were the game changer (Birthday Gift that Keeps Giving). The game changing gift was what was written in the card. It read:


Jolly Good, pap pap, leche, airlick.

For your present I will do ten push ups with you. Let’s get better together!

Happy Birthday!



The second line of the card is some gibberish that can be expected from me to lighten the mood. The third line of the card is the game changer. Immediately after he opened the card, I asked him to read the card aloud. As he began to read, I got down into a plank position. He finished reading the card, and then followed suit. My friend and I did ten push ups, together, for a his birthday.

This gift was not a way to save money. Well, I guess, it indirectly was a way to save money, which is always a plus. The gift was well thought out and had purpose. You see, my buddy wanted to get in better shape as his new year’s resolution. He has been on a great workout routine and diet since the New Year. I wanted to support him in his journey to be a better person. The gift of exercise, my friends, was the best gift to give my friend. The gift of living active together…that, is the Gift that Keeps Giving.

Be well, be happy, and give a gift that keeps giving for your next birthday present.

If you do, I would be honored to hear about it.

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