Letter to you…


The following poem, written by a person that may never be known, is not important.

What is important, is how you react to the poem…

The poem will be introduced by a small statement, in order to ignite inspiration (assuming inspiration is flamable) in you.

The Statement: ‘Listen more to learn more.’

What is a middle schooler?

I was asked one day.

I knew what he was,

but what should I say?

He is noise and confusion.

He is silence that is deep.

He is sunshine and laughter,

or a cloud that will wait.

He is swift as an arrow.

He is a waster of time.

He wants to be rich,

but he cannot save a dime.

He is rude and nasty.

He is polite as can be.

He wants parental guidance,

but fights to be free.

He’s aggressive and bossy.

He is timid and shy.

He knows all the answers,

but still will ask “why?”

He is awkward and clumsy.

He is graceful and poised.

He is ever changing,

but do not be annoyed.

What is a middle schooler?

I was asked one day.

He is the future unfolding,

so do not stand in the way.

-By: Eight Grade Middle School Student

Are you standing in the way of the future, or standing up for the future?


Valentines in between two F13’s

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The title of this post is in relationship to Friday the 13th. The day before Valentine’s day (Saturday, February 14th) was Friday the 13th this year. Seth and Danielle will unite in marriage in less than one month on Friday, March 13th. The ‘F13’s’ stand for Friday the 13th. Back to back F13’s is not something that happens often. It’s worth writing about.

With that, I would like to introduce The Reverend Dude.

Written by: The Reverend Dude

On March 13th, 2015 I will help two beautiful people unite in marriage. This will be the most important day of their lives, to date. They have entrusted me with executing the ceremony in a fashion that they dig, just like a garden.

I’m fortunate to have such an honor. Hey, how about how lucky they are to have one another? Their love is fueled by the passion that they have decided to give to one another, against all odds, in order to have a go at life…together…’til death.

In case you are not the Type A personality individual, I will help you with a small detail. The Type A’s have calculated (or looked up) this little tid bit since the first line of this post. March 13, of 2015 is Friday the 13th. Naturally, the motto for this wedding is, drum roll please, “’til death.” I love it! They are fun, and loving, and can laugh. I write about these two because they defied the ‘wedding protocol.’ They didn’t care when they were suppose to have the wedding, or what the cards should say, or who they should invite, or what should be said during the ceremony…they cared about each other.
That’s how you know it is the real deal…they are selfless because of their love to the other.

That is a very cool situation to witness.

So, to the bride and groom to be, I wanted to take a moment to share an unexpected piece to the wedding pie.

The band, Maroon 5, traveled around LA in early December of 2014, with the intention of ‘crashing’ weddings…but, not how you might expect. The video below is not only a great song, but it is a video that defines happiness, and why ‘The Reverend Dude’ was created in the first place…to push the limits of happiness, and to make rules that rule!