Earth Day

Happy Earth day. Treat the earth how you want to be treated.


Training on Track

Started off the morning by reading what I wrote on my bedside notepad last night. It read, “Remember how much fun it is to laugh, smile & play? Well, look outside, the sun is shining, let’s start today!”
That got me pumped to get out of bed and go play pickle-ball. My buddy Ron Malm & I played four games. In between each game we finished one round of this weeks #Tuesday20s routine. My, my, my, I’m ready for the day. Hope you find time to live active, smile, laugh, and even play!
Party on.

Make sure you get at least one round of this week’s #Tuesday20s & #Thursday30s workout in. Remember, one completed round means you complete 20 (on Tuesday) or 30 (on Thursday) repetitions of each exercise in the workout. You can complete the exercises and repetitions in any order you want & take as much time as you need. Tag your videos and pictures, or send them straight to us

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Tuesday 20s

Make this workout as easy, or as difficult as you wish. #Tuesday20s

How it is done:

Complete 20 repetitions of each of the exercises in the video. They can be completed in any order, and in any length of time. If you need a competition to motivate you, challenge someone to do the workout faster than you did. 🙂

Live active, smile, and always remember that the real competition is against yourself. Here’s to being better every…single…day…

Thinking Lemons


I wrote this poem over two years ago. I came across it today and it inspired me to pick up a pen and write. I’m sharing it with you because I hope it will give you a little inspiration to do something positive today and make yourself a better person for tomorrow. I hope you enjoy my poem, “Thinking Lemons.”

When life throws you lemons you are told to make a drink, when life gives us problems we step back and think. Today my suggestion is to be and only be, fret not the unknown or what we do not see. Take step after step, stride upon stride, walking confidently in your direction, in control of your ride. You hold the power, the choice is your test, no one is better at being you, I attest. If my rambling holds truth than there is one thing left to do, stop blaming external things and be a better YOU.