One thought on “DanSIRS

  1. Good Morning, Ax. I just saw this email.

    This video was not in my Top 10 favorites of Dansirs’ videos. (However, I did like music.)

    Of course I *had* to critique it* based on what you taught me*: which is……. It’s too long. And repetitious. Four minutes of watching the same video footage over and over was boring. (Except for the guy’s dad who showed up in the film going into the wood pile in the snow. That was funny!)

    And what the heck happened with your part? !! Only once!? PLUS….you had the best idea of all by having the words to the song appear on your TV. The producers of the video could have used your expertise in putting this together. The first time I watched it I thought to myself, “They should have the words ‘Fist Pump, Jump Jump” scrolling across the screen as the guys danced.”

    I know. I know. Nobody asked for my opinion. I just think these videos have to appeal to the lowest common denominator (which is some old person like me who never heard that song before. It took me a couple of minutes to understand that they were saying “fist pump” (even tho the title of the song was posted at the top of the screen.) As soon as I figured that out, the video was more enjoyable.


    Keep sharing with me, please.

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