About Living Active

My mission is to create a mind and body that are bigger, faster, stronger, and smarter each day. The words, pictures, and videos on this blog should be used to motivate, invigorate, and inspire something inside of you. That something, is the desire for more from yourself. If living active were easy, everyone would do it…it is not easy. It is a task that continues to become harder to maintain as we grow up. I believe it has a lot to do with self-efficacy, but more simply, we stop playing. You like to play still, right? Believe in yourself. Dig deep inside and remember what it is to be young, have fun, and exercise!

LivingActive.me has one central theme of helping you understand your mind and body through movement and experience. Each post is aimed to inspire laughter, self-reflection, or both. Living Active is not just a phrase, it is a choice, a dedication to self…it is a way of life. Chosing to live active is chosing to become a better you each and every day.

The choice is and always has been, Yours.

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