Exploring and Soaring

When you consistently write, you gain a unique opportunity. You see yourself in a different time and place. You can see and reflect on the person that you once were. After all, you are no longer the person that wrote those words, are you? You are someone different, however so slightly. This TED Talk made me think of a version of myself from long, long-ago. A version of myself that didn’t write, read, or even think…if I remember correctly. This video reminded me of a time and place when I was a ‘wild thing,’ exploring and soaring. I loved it!

Did I go to a school like this? No. I didn’t go to a school like this but, I would hope that every child has the chance to. This is an awesome school! Here’s to exploring and soaring!


Hudi Who?

2015-03-26 02-1.21.03

Danielle and Seth Hudi have started their lives together in marriage. I am elated. On March 13th, 2015 I had the esteemed privilege of hosting the matrimony between Danielle and Seth Hudi. Danielle was breathtakingly beautiful, and my man Seth looked more dapper than Dan himself. Their families were smiling, laughing, and humbled by the love that was displayed between Seth and Danielle.

For me, ‘The Reverend Dude’ (coined by the first couple that I had the privilege of marrying), it was an event for the record books. Seth and I grew up together, and have been through more situations than an overzealous basketball coach…to elaborate, we have spent time together, on a beach, in a tree, by the sea, and near a bee. We have chatted throwing rocks, with no socks, near a dock. Seth and I have had some scares in the woods, in retrospect, I don’t feel so good. We crawl around in the shrubs to make sure that we ain’t no scrubs. I remember the time we didn’t make a peep just to prove that we could creep. I digress.

This was the fourth ceremony that I had conducted, and these two wonderful people made everything look easy. I can assure you, that a wedding is not easy. The wedding planner, Michelle, is a truly precious person, and made sure all the ducks were in a row. To quote the movie Billy Madison, it was quacktastic. Michelle was well prepared, friendly, and assertive. Both families were smiling and happy. Seth was calm, collected, and not pittin’ out unlike myself… The bride, Danielle was perfect in every way.

Seth and Danielle gave me an honor that I will always cherish. They gave the Reverend Dude an opportunity to help them begin their new lives together. These two lives, now joined as one, will make, and already have made, this world a better place. I’m humbled, thankful, and so proud of their courage, love, and trust in one another.

So, Hudi who? Hudi Who is my boy…and my newest of girls. Hudi Who is my people, and a reason to always smile.

That is Hudi Who.