Valentines in between two F13’s

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The title of this post is in relationship to Friday the 13th. The day before Valentine’s day (Saturday, February 14th) was Friday the 13th this year. Seth and Danielle will unite in marriage in less than one month on Friday, March 13th. The ‘F13’s’ stand for Friday the 13th. Back to back F13’s is not something that happens often. It’s worth writing about.

With that, I would like to introduce The Reverend Dude.

Written by: The Reverend Dude

On March 13th, 2015 I will help two beautiful people unite in marriage. This will be the most important day of their lives, to date. They have entrusted me with executing the ceremony in a fashion that they dig, just like a garden.

I’m fortunate to have such an honor. Hey, how about how lucky they are to have one another? Their love is fueled by the passion that they have decided to give to one another, against all odds, in order to have a go at life…together…’til death.

In case you are not the Type A personality individual, I will help you with a small detail. The Type A’s have calculated (or looked up) this little tid bit since the first line of this post. March 13, of 2015 is Friday the 13th. Naturally, the motto for this wedding is, drum roll please, “’til death.” I love it! They are fun, and loving, and can laugh. I write about these two because they defied the ‘wedding protocol.’ They didn’t care when they were suppose to have the wedding, or what the cards should say, or who they should invite, or what should be said during the ceremony…they cared about each other.
That’s how you know it is the real deal…they are selfless because of their love to the other.

That is a very cool situation to witness.

So, to the bride and groom to be, I wanted to take a moment to share an unexpected piece to the wedding pie.

The band, Maroon 5, traveled around LA in early December of 2014, with the intention of ‘crashing’ weddings…but, not how you might expect. The video below is not only a great song, but it is a video that defines happiness, and why ‘The Reverend Dude’ was created in the first place…to push the limits of happiness, and to make rules that rule!


Birthday Gift that Keeps Giving


This week, one of my good friends had a birthday. I drove to pick him up and take him to dinner. It was a birthday like any other, except for one thing…the present I got him. I’ll get to the present in a moment. First, I want to make sure you understand my belief. My belief is that people who are active together, smile together. I like smiling a lot. So, for his birthday he received the following from me:

  • A pack of Watermelon Bubblicious
  • A rubber snake
  • A candy necklace
  • A card with a Chiwawa on the front

Even though that may sound like a weird lineup of birthday presents, none of those things were the game changer (Birthday Gift that Keeps Giving). The game changing gift was what was written in the card. It read:


Jolly Good, pap pap, leche, airlick.

For your present I will do ten push ups with you. Let’s get better together!

Happy Birthday!



The second line of the card is some gibberish that can be expected from me to lighten the mood. The third line of the card is the game changer. Immediately after he opened the card, I asked him to read the card aloud. As he began to read, I got down into a plank position. He finished reading the card, and then followed suit. My friend and I did ten push ups, together, for a his birthday.

This gift was not a way to save money. Well, I guess, it indirectly was a way to save money, which is always a plus. The gift was well thought out and had purpose. You see, my buddy wanted to get in better shape as his new year’s resolution. He has been on a great workout routine and diet since the New Year. I wanted to support him in his journey to be a better person. The gift of exercise, my friends, was the best gift to give my friend. The gift of living active together…that, is the Gift that Keeps Giving.

Be well, be happy, and give a gift that keeps giving for your next birthday present.

If you do, I would be honored to hear about it.

As the weather changes

Summer 2014 is all but a memory now and Autumn is upon us. As Autumn falls into winter, the desire and convenience of exercising often falls to the bottom of our priority lists. (Pun intended with the ‘fall’ references!) It isn’t that we want it to happen this way, but the weather has a unique way of changing our habits. For some of us the weather also changes our moods. When the weather turns cold and rainy we tend to stay indoors more. We often chose to curl up under a warm blanket and read a book or watch a movie. The dreary weather sometimes makes us lethargic or depresses us. Exercise is the last thing we want to do and the thought of being active just makes us want to put our heads under that blanket.

So the question that begs asking is, how do we stay active through the chilly season?

Living Active’s Advice:

As the seasons change, change your routine. Consistency is a great way to create positive exercise habits but sometimes a routine can be accompanied by complacency. We are not talking about reinventing the wheel here, we are talking about making your workout relevant and doable.

For example: If you live in Wisconsin and your summer routine is a 5 am morning jog…great. But as the temperatures drop into the teens and negative numbers, maybe that run isn’t as appealing in December or January as it was in July. So change it up! Turn your morning jog into a morning Yoga session. There are lots of workouts to choose from, and a new workout is not only good for the muscles, but it is a great motivator.

Our bodies can get used to a workout the same way we get used to the same old work schedule. Keep your body guessing as the seasons begin to change, and don’t hesitate to talk about it with your family and friends. Put some time and thought into your autumn and winter workout routines. Start thinking about exercising now so that when the next summer season comes along, you are already in swimsuit shape!



A Dream of Living Active

Living active is a lifestyle. It is a habit. It is a belief.  This blog has stayed alive because I love to influence people to move and to be active. When we move and are active there are three things that usually happen:

  1. Our heart begins to beat faster.  2. Our bodies begin to sweat.  3. We smile and feel good.

This is the story of this website to date. This website, like many others, has been on an interesting journey that all started with one idea. It has now transformed into a way of life. I hope that as you read this you can relate to the story and I hope that when you are done reading this that you will begin or continue to live active, starting today.

This is my blog. My name is Alex O’Brien. I created this blog in August of 2012 for my job. I was the Quality Physical Education teacher (#QPE) at Washington Elementary School in the Caldwell, Idaho School District. I loved my job and I will never forget the memories and people that made my heart feel so full. I named this site for two major reasons:

  1. In 2012, at the end of the year, I surveyed my fifth grade students by asking them one question. The question was,  “What does Physical Education mean to you?” The answers I received hurt my heart. I had always believed that I was a #QPE teacher but the vast majority of my students’ responses didn’t seem to reflect that. Some of their answers were: “Physical Education means playing; it means gym class;  it means exercising.” Feeling a bit deflated by the fact that most of my students could not clearly articulate what Physical Education was all about, I figured that I had two options. I could blame the  students for not listening to me and  for not learning from me, or I could make a change and take responsibility. I chose to take responsibility.

I believe that if a person has a desire to learn something, and I am the educator that is teaching that person, then I am responsible for them to be able to understand it. If they don’t learn, then it is my fault–not theirs.

Armed with that introspection, I talked with my elementary school principal, Steve Foley. Steve is an administrator who wants the very best for each and every student under his watch. His passion and his actions to improve things and make them better is something that I respect and applaud to this day. I told him my sob story about how disappointed I was with the survey responses. I told him that I wanted to change the name of my class from Physical Education to Living Active. He listened to my reasoning and he trusted me implicitly. He agreed to the name change. It really meant a lot to me to have that kind of trust and support from my boss.

The name change for the 2012-2013 school year went from Physical Education to Living Active. It was quickly and completely adapted by every teacher, every aide, every administer and every student. We no longer referred to PE class. Or physical education class. It was Living Active class. Before long, even the parents referred to my class as Living Active.

Why did I change the name?  Because Physical Education doesn’t mean anything to most 5 year old kids. In fact, most kids all the way through high school can’t articulate what Physical Education means. But the title, Living Active, is a statement. It is something that any kid can relate to. If you ask a kid, “What are you doing at recess today?” That kid can respond, “Living active!” and that kid will know what he/she is talking about. I wanted the name of my class to be relevant to the kids I was teaching. That was why the website was created.

  1. I wanted each student to take responsibility for their self. A ‘.com’ or a ‘.org’ or a ‘.net’ wasn’t going to do it for me. I wanted them to take this personally because when a kindergartner goes all the way through the school system and graduates from 12th grade they will no longer have anyone to tell them to live active except themselves.  (This statement makes the assumption that a student who graduates from the public school system shouldn’t have to pay a nutritionist or personal trainer to help them lead a happy, healthy, active lifestyle. They should have received proper education from their K-12 teachers). So, was a perfect fit! When a kid logs onto they can say, “This website is about me. It’s about me living active!”.  And they would be right.

After the 2012-13 school year I surveyed the fifth grade students again with this question: “What does Living Active mean to you?” I don’t have to tell you what they said, right? I got responses that did not hurt my heart. I had responses that talked about diet; about food groups; about the components of fitness. Overall, I read pertinent answers to my survey question about students meanings of living active.

I’m not suggesting that Physical Education change its name. I’m simply telling a story about a teacher who learned from his mistakes and who took responsibility for the educating of the kids he loved. (I use the word ‘loved’ as in past tense. HA! Who am I kidding–I still love those Washington Wildcats!)

My life changed significantly after the 2012-13 school year because I decided to take a job with a company called Focused Fitness. Focused Fitness was the company that was in charge of #QPE professional development in the Caldwell School District. All Caldwell #QPE teachers, K-12, used the Five For Life curriculum which was created by Focused Fitness. Focused Fitness trained Caldwell’s #QPE teachers several times each year. It was incredible to see an entire district of physical education teachers working together to transform how we helped our students become healthy, active, movers for a lifetime.

I am often asked if I like my job with Focused Fitness more than when I was a teacher at the elementary school. My response is the same each time I’m asked. “I do not compare the two, because they are not comparable. A teacher is the best job in the world, period. Nothing can be compared to teaching kids day in and day out because the rewards and emotions involved in that job cannot be put appropriately into words. That being said, I love my job now and I feel privileged to be on the Focused Fitness team. I am privileged because the Focused Fitness team bus is going in the only direction I want to take #QPE…the right one.

In September 2013 I left Caldwell, Idaho and headed for Spokane, Washington. Before I left I helped the teacher who replaced me get settled. I set her up with the original blog that I had created five years prior. I am proud to say that she has taken the blog over over and kept it up to date! Check it out for yourself

I have a new job and a new life, but I still have this blog that you are now reading. I didn’t want to quit on this blog. It has changed into a more personal blog for myself. It has been that way for the past year. I try to stay steady and post regularly, but I don’t post as much as I would like.

Since I left Washington Elementary School in Caldwell, the class name ‘Living Active’ was changed back to ‘Physical Education’. That doesn’t bother me and I actually think it is great! As I said before, I’m not out to change the name, I am out to change the game.

Living Active is still alive in me. I base my life on living active every day. In my job I have a unique opportunity to help teachers across the country do the same. Every time I think about this website I think about the reasons that I created it. I created it to teach something to kids. Today the name continually reminds me that I must be a beaming beacon of light that shines each day, with a belief in Living Active.

Living Active is not about how far or how fast you  can run, or how many times you can throw a ball and hit a target…it has never been about that. Living Active has always stood for the bigger picture–the idea that moving your body ignites your mind, and when the body and mind are working together, we have no limits. We have no limits. Whatever level of fitness or activity that you are able to do is all that Living Active asks of you.

All too often we are tired, exhausted and bored. As a result, to relax , we usually sit down and turn on a screen of some sort and stare at with dull cow eyes. We must be better than that. We were built to move. We are movers. The mind and the body feed off of one another. Serotoninnorepinephrine, and dopamine are neurotransmitters that are released during exercise, or when someone is Living Active. Simply put, these 3 neurotransmitters are really good for us.

In short, I do not want to leave you guessing about what the purpose of my story is. My purpose was to move you. To motivate you. To inspire you to do what your mind wants and you body needs to do…to live active. Living Active makes us smile. It makes us think. It helps us concentrate. It helps us lead healthy lives.

I would like to leave you with a quote and a question. The quote: “A body in motion stays in motion”. The question: Have you lived active today?

Spokane Hoopfest In Reflection

My First Spokane Hoopfest started when I landed at Spokane Airport at 11:55 PM on Friday night. I gathered my belongings from the overhead compartment, walked out of the airport, and boarded the shuttle to my car. I was excited for the upcoming weekend, and exhausted from a long week in Anaheim, California. I was in Anaheim building a stronger PE program thanks to Anaheim City’s PE department head, Tammie Bernal, and the company I hang my hat on, Focused Fitness. The shuttle dropped me off; I tipped the driver, and headed for my ride only to find my window broken out. I was upset for two reasons. The first was because I was raised to respect things, and breaking out a window is not respect. The second was because there was nothing to steal…literally. There is no use crying over spilt milk though. I reported the incident, and got on with my night. I was tired, and I needed my sleep. After all, game one of Hoopfest was in less than 532 minutes, but who’s counting? Down the road I went, window broken, and rain coming down (can’t make this stuff up). I got home and went straight for bed.

As my head hit the pillow I expected a REM cycle to kick in immediately. No such luck. My eyes wouldn’t even close. I was giddy. I was like a young child at bedtime Christmas Eve. I was so excited for the day to come I could hardly stand it! Instead of waiting for Reindeer paws and a “Ho Ho Ho,” I was waiting for the dribble of a ball and the crisp ‘snap’ of twine as it splashed through the net. Hoopfest is the largest 3-on-3-basketball tournament on earth, and this was the 25th anniversary. Instead of counting sheep, I realized the only way I was getting some shuteye is if I counted ‘mid-range J’s’ (a jump shot from a middle range). It worked, and I woke up ready to go. Hoopfest was upon me. A few stats for your mind to digest: 6,905 teams; 250,000 people rolling through the streets of Spokane, Washington.

If you have read this far, you are a trooper, and I won’t bore you with the details that don’t entertain. Such as, my personal play in the tournament, the play of my amazing teammates, or the results of the teams I followed religiously…You are reading because you want to feel something, you want to be moved, and if this doesn’t do it for you, you won’t hesitate to close the link and check a social media status of some sort. 😉

This tournament (Spokane Hoopfest) creates smiles, memories, and relationships. This tournament is a stamp of fitness on society, and a vehicle for an Old School Social Network (OSSN). An OSSN is a network of people that can communicate and interact without technology. Now, I understand that the entire tournament is online and has Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, Apps, #’s, etc. However, I’m calling Spokane Hoopfest an OSSN because it would still happen without all of the technology. Would it be as big, as widespread, or as interactive? No. But, the Hoopfest show would still go on. People would come to Spokane, and play 3-on-3 until the cows came home.

My team made it to the second day. We played early, and lost early. Life goes on. It was an absolute blast, don’t get me wrong, but there is more to this event than playing in it. It is a culture. Dare I say, a religion. Hoopfest makes you feel like a kid again!

I met up with friends, new and old, watched games of all levels, and most importantly…I exercised.

That is what this all comes down to folks…exercise. Hoopfest is not about how good you are at basketball. Hoopfest is an OSSN that promotes exercising. I’m enamored by it.

Even though playing and losing in the tournament was a great workout, my exercise for the day had just begun. I walked well over eight miles after my tournament life was over.

We need to create more OSSN based on exercise. I could ramble on about why Hoopfest stands for so much more than just basketball but, instead, I would like to pose a challenge to you.


Schedule a time with friends or family to play and exercise this week. Once you have planned the activity, don’t mention it again (technology wise). Assume, just for a moment, that you can count on the people you are suppose to count on, without sending them a text five minutes before said event…

I wish you smiles, health, and plenty of exercise!


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