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Talking #physed with the #voxcast Crew

Want to listen to a chat on health and physical education? Click HERE Thanks to my friend Jorge Rodriguez and the #voxcast crew for taking time to chat with me. If you are a #physed teacher, click HERE to get your free demo of WELNET software to help improve your program. Stay happy, stay healthy,… Continue reading Talking #physed with the #voxcast Crew


Dear PE Teachers…

Reflecting on this. Wanted to share.

All Ears

Dear PE Teachers,We don’t talk enough. You see, I’m an English teacher. When we were growing up, as you were feeling the triumph of scoring the winning penalty for the school team, I was enviously penning poems about what that might feel like. And now, as I teach sub-clauses from the blissful warmth of my classroom, you’re out there and shivering and shuffling subs on the muddy gradient we all call ‘the field’. And in the future -if educational folklore has it correct- when I’m still a classroom teacher, you’ll be SLT.

Today, I want to breach the gap between us and bring us together in the aim of achieving one goal. Today, I am not concerned with our futures, but the futures of the students we teach and I’m concerned with the power and the responsibility that you –PE teachers- have now, to ensure that these students have the…

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#Healthed and ESSA

Thanks to my friend Andy for an informative post on ESSA… If you didn’t already know…ESSA stands for Every Student Succeeds Act. It is replacing the Act that, in some cases, left students behind (the No Child Left Behind Act).
Thanks Andy!


In December 2015 Congress passed the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

“With this bill, we reaffirm that fundamentally American ideal—that every child, regardless of race, income, background, the zip code where they live, deserves the chance to make of their lives what they will.” — President Barack Obama

So why should we be excited?

No Child Left Behind marginalized our subject and led to widespread cuts to funding. With the passing of ESSA, Health education is now on a level playing field with all other subjects, and as such now has significant access to funding that was previously unavailable to us.

So we are now as valued as all other subjects?

You will hear the term well rounded education (which replaces the term core academic subject)  and this means that health and physical education can now compete for Title I, Title II and Title IV funds along with English, reading or language arts…

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The Way of the Silent Coach


Imagine this scene:

The pupils are silent as they file into the exam hall. Their names are checked,valuables left at the side and they quietly walk past the rows of desks and chairs till they find their own. Nervous tension fills the the room. The exam papers are distributed, instructions issued and timings written on the whiteboard. They hear the words ‘you may begin’ and they open their paper and start reading and writingfuriously. As soon as that happens a number of teachers and parents who just happen to be at the sidewatching, start shouting instructions at those who are taking the exam:

‘Jimmy read all the questions first and underline the command words!’

‘Jimmy start with the long answers. Get them out the way first!’

‘Bobby remember to write in full prose, show your depth of knowledge!’

‘Bobby remember to bullet point your answers, besuccinct!’

‘Frankie don’t leave blank…

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