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Alex O’Brien


Twitter: @alexobrien

Alex O’Brien (@AlexOBrien) is an Elementary PE teacher in Seattle Public Schools, a National Presenter for Spikeball Inc., an OPEN National Trainer, and a PlayOut National Trainer. He has lead professional developments in more than 15 states impacting hundreds of teachers and 10’s of thousands of students. He has his Master’s in Education. His research focused on academic content integrated into physical movement, comparing how they can affect short & long term retention. Alex stepped away from the classroom for 3 years and took on the roll of Director of Film and Social Media and a Lead Trainer for Focused Fitness. In this role he traveled coast to coast leading health and fitness workshops as well as presenting at the state and national level. He believes that a quality physical education program prepares students to exit the 12th grade with the knowledge to become their own nutritionist and personal trainer.

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One thought on “Contact/Author Info

  1. This is great! A friend of ours has recently lost 70 pounds by eating healthy and living active. I’m going to forward this to him to remind him to keep up the good work.
    Thanks for taking the time and effort to post.

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