The Way of the Silent Coach


Imagine this scene:

The pupils are silent as they file into the exam hall. Their names are checked,valuables left at the side and they quietly walk past the rows of desks and chairs till they find their own. Nervous tension fills the the room. The exam papers are distributed, instructions issued and timings written on the whiteboard. They hear the words ‘you may begin’ and they open their paper and start reading and writingfuriously. As soon as that happens a number of teachers and parents who just happen to be at the sidewatching, start shouting instructions at those who are taking the exam:

‘Jimmy read all the questions first and underline the command words!’

‘Jimmy start with the long answers. Get them out the way first!’

‘Bobby remember to write in full prose, show your depth of knowledge!’

‘Bobby remember to bullet point your answers, besuccinct!’

‘Frankie don’t leave blank…

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Learn the Thriller Line Dance

A good friend of mine recently told me that some of the best advice they ever received was to make sure that you always had your objective in mind. “Don’t lost sight of your objective,” they said to me. It seems very simple, but you might be surprised how hard it is to stay true to your objective. has not been a consistent blog. As a result, the objective of the blog has been inconsistent.

The objective of is to create smiles, provoke thought, and inspire movement in people.

Some of the posts on have focused on the objective more than others. This post has a meaning that directly correlates with the objective of

This post exists because of people reaching out and asking for it. Not just one or two, or even a few…but a bunch of people. The people that reached out were all teachers, and they wanted an easy way to teach their kids (pre K-12) a Thriller Line Dance. They wanted this post to happen to help kids live active. BOOM! Objective in mind, I created what they asked for.

In short, I trust that you are happy, healthy, and active. My belief is that the two videos above will not only teach a simple line dance to Thriller, but create smiles and movement in everyone that participates.

Happy Halloween, and thank for #Livingactive.

The Thrill of Life

This is a simple version of the song ‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson  that I created about three years ago. It is a line dance. Without further delay, here it is. Ms. Denise, I miss you as well, dance on 🙂

Song: Thriller

Artist: Michael Jackson

8 count–>Shoulder Jerk 4 times

8 count–>Cat scratch 4 times

4 count–>Bend over 4 counts

4 count–>Stand up 4 counts

4 count–>Step R, shake shoulders and drag L foot to R, clap over head 4 count

4 count–>Step L, shake shoulders and drag R foot to L, clap over head 4 count

4 count–>Zombie walk R

4 count–>Zombie walk L

4 count–>Zombie walk R

4 count–>Zombie walk L

4 count–>Deal cards R with a 1/4 turn

The Impact

Will your splash on life make the ripples you wanted? Maybe the better question is, does Water track the sand it has covered?
I’m going to ride the philosophical wave for a paragraph or two by answering both questions with a singular answer.
No. Your intended ripples can never be accurately tracked, and Water has too many molecular bonds to make to consider the sand it has covered. Yet, I’m still making splashes and the water of the world is covering sand as I write. So, what’s the purpose?
Movement. The purpose is movement. To exist is to vibrate. We must move, we must pursue our beliefs. We must find a reason to live, or this fragile life might find a reason for us not to.
I’m writing because of my experience at the #peinstitute15. Thanks to focused fitness, I had the privilege of presenting #qpe to multiple groups of dedicated #physed professionals. Thanks to ron Malm, Karen cowen, and Artie Kaymia I had the esteemed honor of interviewing some of the best in the business. My experience at the national pe institute was first class. I met new friends, exchanged jokes with old friends, and found humility with friends that have ‘been there, done that, and have the t-shirt to prove it.’ I’m writing because I believe in living active.
My mom and dad continue to amaze me with their inspiration, example, and work ethic. My dad always said, ‘humility is the best policy.’ I believe that is true today and forever more. I want to be appreciated for my work as much as the next person. However, the person that does not comment, tweet, like, retweet, or speak out needs as much…if not more, love than i. I might be talking about you!  You know who you are… you won’t like, retweet, or comment,  even when you want to. You stay in the shadows and change the whole damn world…one kid at a time. I love you. I want you to know that YOU are a game changer. YOU are the impact. I write for you.
Your kids will never know you read this, or attended that…they will never know the drive and desire you have to provide them with the tools necessary to lead a healthy, active life. And guess what…you might never know the ripples you made in their lives…
So what is it all for?
Humbly, it’s for the chance. The chance, that maybe, just maybe, one kid will get it. They will go home one seemingly timid Tuesday night and put down the hot Cheetos and pick up an apple. They will ask dad to go for a walk and not play halo. They will change the game for their family, and set them down a path of health and wellness…
Did your splash make the ripples you wanted? Did the Water cover the sand? I don’t know, and often times, you won’t either…but I know one thing.
No splash, no ripples.
Thank you for making a splash. Keep it up.

The PHYSEDagogy Podcast – Live from #PHYSedcamp & #DemoSlam

What an incredible experience with first class people in North Carolina!


Physedagogy Podcast

The PHYSEDagogy Podcast – Live from the National PE Institute 2015 #PHYSedcamp & #DemoSlam

Check out all the highlights from the first ever physical education edcamp and listen to what all our demo slam participants showcased in the two minutes before they got slammed and hear their thoughts on being a part of the National PE Institute.

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Finding the core of the workout

Focusing on the core today…

The expectation is for you and your partner to complete the following exercises and reps as a team. You and your partner cannot be doing the same exercise at the same time. The exercises can be done in any order by either partner. Keep track of what you and your partner have done to complete the workout.


  • 200 Mountain climbers
  • 50 squats
  • 50 push ups
  • 6 laps around the gym
  • 40 hand to elbow planks
  • 80 crunches
  • 100 bicycles
  • 100 oblique heel touches
  • 10 burpees
  • 2 claps
  • 1 Ric Flair

Bridging The Gap

I want my students to leave the education system with the ability to become their own nutritionist and personal trainer.


When I was at school, the assessment process went something like this:

  • Teacher sets assignment
  • I attempt the assignment and turn it in
  • Teacher grades assignment and returns it
  • I throw assignment in the garbage unless it was a good grade (a rarity) and my mom pinned it to the fridge.

Most likely only two sets of eyes saw my work. Mine and the teachers. And that kind of stunk!
Tech UseThis image is an old one now, I took it from Twitter last year but I have it pinned above my desk at school to remind me that there needs to be a reason for the work that I ask my students to complete. To ask students to work hard on an assignment but then for it to be seen by only them and myself can’t be justified anymore.

“If students are sharing their work with the world, they want…

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