#SHAPERegional Boise Handouts

Session:  PE for ME or WTF???! (Where’s The Fun???!)

Presenter: Alex O’Brien @AlexOBrien Alexlivingactive@gmail.com


Curl and Throw

Shoe-less Pacer

Thriller How to Dance

Thriller Dance with Music

Like ME Fitness Dance 

Warm-Up: ABC’s of movement…

  1. Think of a fitness/health word, spell it using exercises from the lists below (3 reps/secs per letter of the word you seleceted.
  2. When you finish spelling your fitness/health word find a ball and play catch with a partner or small group (less than 5 people).ABC's without reps



Sessions Activities: 

1v1Tag FlagTagGames

AerobicNumbers instant 6-8


PartyControlPatrol Omnikin instant

toss3 instant (center jog and toss)

ABC’s of Movement

Like ME Fitness Dance write-up

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