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Spokane Hoopfest In Reflection

My First Spokane Hoopfest started when I landed at Spokane Airport at 11:55 PM on Friday night. I gathered my belongings from the overhead compartment, walked out of the airport, and boarded the shuttle to my car. I was excited for the upcoming weekend, and exhausted from a long week in Anaheim, California. I was… Continue reading Spokane Hoopfest In Reflection


LivingActive after school program

Wildcat Country is hosting the NEW after school program called LivingActive. This program will start April 29th. LivingActive is lead by Alex O'Brien and the purpose of the program is to promote diversity, confidence, and discipline in both the body and mind...simply put, getting better by having fun. The class will take place Monday-Friday until the… Continue reading LivingActive after school program