Talking #physed with the #voxcast Crew

Want to listen to a chat on health and physical education? Click HERE Thanks to my friend Jorge Rodriguez and the #voxcast crew for taking time to chat with me. If you are a #physed teacher, click HERE to get your free demo of WELNET software to help improve your program. Stay happy, stay healthy, and always keep that smile on!


Learn the Thriller Line Dance

A good friend of mine recently told me that some of the best advice they ever received was to make sure that you always had your objective in mind. “Don’t lost sight of your objective,” they said to me. It seems very simple, but you might be surprised how hard it is to stay true to your objective. has not been a consistent blog. As a result, the objective of the blog has been inconsistent.

The objective of is to create smiles, provoke thought, and inspire movement in people.

Some of the posts on have focused on the objective more than others. This post has a meaning that directly correlates with the objective of

This post exists because of people reaching out and asking for it. Not just one or two, or even a few…but a bunch of people. The people that reached out were all teachers, and they wanted an easy way to teach their kids (pre K-12) a Thriller Line Dance. They wanted this post to happen to help kids live active. BOOM! Objective in mind, I created what they asked for.

In short, I trust that you are happy, healthy, and active. My belief is that the two videos above will not only teach a simple line dance to Thriller, but create smiles and movement in everyone that participates.

Happy Halloween, and thank for #Livingactive.

Tuesday 20s

Make this workout as easy, or as difficult as you wish. #Tuesday20s

How it is done:

Complete 20 repetitions of each of the exercises in the video. They can be completed in any order, and in any length of time. If you need a competition to motivate you, challenge someone to do the workout faster than you did. 🙂

Live active, smile, and always remember that the real competition is against yourself. Here’s to being better every…single…day…

Birthday Gift that Keeps Giving


This week, one of my good friends had a birthday. I drove to pick him up and take him to dinner. It was a birthday like any other, except for one thing…the present I got him. I’ll get to the present in a moment. First, I want to make sure you understand my belief. My belief is that people who are active together, smile together. I like smiling a lot. So, for his birthday he received the following from me:

  • A pack of Watermelon Bubblicious
  • A rubber snake
  • A candy necklace
  • A card with a Chiwawa on the front

Even though that may sound like a weird lineup of birthday presents, none of those things were the game changer (Birthday Gift that Keeps Giving). The game changing gift was what was written in the card. It read:


Jolly Good, pap pap, leche, airlick.

For your present I will do ten push ups with you. Let’s get better together!

Happy Birthday!



The second line of the card is some gibberish that can be expected from me to lighten the mood. The third line of the card is the game changer. Immediately after he opened the card, I asked him to read the card aloud. As he began to read, I got down into a plank position. He finished reading the card, and then followed suit. My friend and I did ten push ups, together, for a his birthday.

This gift was not a way to save money. Well, I guess, it indirectly was a way to save money, which is always a plus. The gift was well thought out and had purpose. You see, my buddy wanted to get in better shape as his new year’s resolution. He has been on a great workout routine and diet since the New Year. I wanted to support him in his journey to be a better person. The gift of exercise, my friends, was the best gift to give my friend. The gift of living active together…that, is the Gift that Keeps Giving.

Be well, be happy, and give a gift that keeps giving for your next birthday present.

If you do, I would be honored to hear about it.

As the weather changes

Summer 2014 is all but a memory now and Autumn is upon us. As Autumn falls into winter, the desire and convenience of exercising often falls to the bottom of our priority lists. (Pun intended with the ‘fall’ references!) It isn’t that we want it to happen this way, but the weather has a unique way of changing our habits. For some of us the weather also changes our moods. When the weather turns cold and rainy we tend to stay indoors more. We often chose to curl up under a warm blanket and read a book or watch a movie. The dreary weather sometimes makes us lethargic or depresses us. Exercise is the last thing we want to do and the thought of being active just makes us want to put our heads under that blanket.

So the question that begs asking is, how do we stay active through the chilly season?

Living Active’s Advice:

As the seasons change, change your routine. Consistency is a great way to create positive exercise habits but sometimes a routine can be accompanied by complacency. We are not talking about reinventing the wheel here, we are talking about making your workout relevant and doable.

For example: If you live in Wisconsin and your summer routine is a 5 am morning jog…great. But as the temperatures drop into the teens and negative numbers, maybe that run isn’t as appealing in December or January as it was in July. So change it up! Turn your morning jog into a morning Yoga session. There are lots of workouts to choose from, and a new workout is not only good for the muscles, but it is a great motivator.

Our bodies can get used to a workout the same way we get used to the same old work schedule. Keep your body guessing as the seasons begin to change, and don’t hesitate to talk about it with your family and friends. Put some time and thought into your autumn and winter workout routines. Start thinking about exercising now so that when the next summer season comes along, you are already in swimsuit shape!