Talking #physed with the #voxcast Crew

Want to listen to a chat on health and physical education? Click HERE Thanks to my friend Jorge Rodriguez and the #voxcast crew for taking time to chat with me. If you are a #physed teacher, click HERE to get your free demo of WELNET software to help improve your program. Stay happy, stay healthy, and always keep that smile on!


A Living Active Poem

Hope you enjoy and/or relate…

The Written Poem:

A Living Active Poem

Existence is vibration,

and deep inside life

We find conscious meditation

A habit, a ritual, a voice of shorts

A way to interpret what our mind purports

We move forward, down the road though we don’t avow

Like a run-away train, no stopping it now

Place by place we come upon choice

This is the part where you’d better have voice

Make the decision or it will make you

Believe it now or later, guaranteed true

I speak because I exist, yup, I vibrate

With the hope that maybe you’ll want to migrate

Over here a little to see what I see

Where living active is the belief that I be

I’m not gonna push, cause I know you’ll push back

I’ll will let it all be, because I know one fact

You want more from life and you are looking about

For someone to tell you the answer in a shout

That may happen and it may not,

But here is another choice you have got

Wake up tomorrow and smile at yourself

Eat a good meal and believe in your health

Here’s to living active and smiling.

You Get Out What You Put In

An excuse will always be there. It’s waiting, hoping that you lift your foot off the gas pedal of life, just a little bit. The moment you stop pushing forward, that excuse is waiting to pull you backward. Breathe deep, push forward.

“Talent might take you so far, but if you don’t put in the work, talent will fail you eventually.”

-Richard Sherman

I woke up at 5:20 AM Eastern time. I got on a plane, and then another one, and now I’m home (3:00 PM Pacific Standard time). I could go to bed, I could lie down, I could rest up for the long week ahead…but here’s the thing, I know that is the easy way out…and that way will always be there. I choose defiance, I choose betterment, and I expect more from myself. It’s a choice each day, and I have great news for you…The choice is, and always has been yours…

Time to get outside and live active!

A few quotes from the video if you need an extra push 😉

The easy way out will always be there…

Luck is last dying wish of those who want to believe that winning can happen by accident.

Sweat, on the other hand, is for those who know it’s a choice.

Sunsets on Sunday

Sunday means two things for sure… 1. I will write 2. the sun will set

This Sunday I only have a few words, but they mean the world to me. I’d like to ask you what means the world to you…

I love my mind and body because they allow me to move, play, grow, learn, and understand.

I love my family because they believe in me, push me, and want happiness for me.

I love life because it is a non-stop challenge and I need that.

What do you love?


Waking Up

Tips for waking up when you don’t want to.
1. Get some tunes rolling
2. Get in front of a mirror and jig to the tunes (min. 15 seconds)
3. Power swig some cool orange juice….preferably plus pulp
4. Feel the bass (of music and your heart)
5. Realize that YOU control your future
Now that you are awake, smile and party on!